Activating the Spiritual Intelligence (SQ)

05/09/2015 - 05/10/2015

The human brain is divided laterally into left and right cerebral hemispheres, each with its own strengths, weaknesses and biases. The right hemisphere has broad, flexible attention. It is open to what is new in the world and tolerant of ambiguity or uncertainty. Its broad attention and longer working memory allows it to appreciate wholes, taking in the full context; to appreciate broad or complex patterns, integrating the different senses; to understand implicit meaning and metaphor; and to compare multiple frames or possibilities at once. It recognises particular things or persons as individual and unique. 

In contrast, the left hemisphere has narrow, focused attention. It prioritizes what is expected and works within a closed, fully “known” model, ignoring what does not fit. It focuses on parts and attends to detail but works with abstract categories, ignoring context or individual differences. 

During our life one of the hemispheres will be dominant—more active, and even actively suppressing the other— when faced with tasks at which it specialises. Each of us also has a characteristic bias—a persistent preference, not a matter of choice—towards one or the other hemisphere and to a greater or lesser degree, depending on the individual. For example, a left- biased individual faced with a task at which the left hemisphere specialises will be even more left- dominant at such at task; and, conversely, that same individual perhaps will not allow the right hemisphere to lead as it should when faced with certain tasks calling for the right's specialisms.

During this two-day workshop Danah Zohar will explain us what the Spiritual Intelligence is  and teach us how to activate it through what it is defined as Quantum Leap.

For the intensity of the workshop is limited to 20 people only; please contact us asap in order to reserve your place.

has been described by Financial Times Prentice Hall as one of the world’s top “business minds”. A physicist, philosopher, and management thought leader, she was educated at MIT and Harvard. She is the author of nine books relating the thinking of quantum physics and complex adaptive systems to such diverse topics as psychology, society and organizational leadership. Among these are The Quantum Self, The Quantum Society, Rewiring the Corporate Brain, and Spiritual Capital.
Danah has taught at leading business schools in the UK, Australia, and Eastern Europe. For several years she was on the faculty of Shell’s “Challenges for Change” leadership programme and of Oxford University’s “Strategic Leadership Programme”. She has delivered presentations, seminars, and training programmes for business organizations throughout the world. Among these are Shell, Motorola, BMW, Nokia, McKinsey, Volvo, Astra Pharmaceutical, Coca-Cola, Norwich Union Financial Services, and NASA. She has also worked with The British Cabinet Office, UNESCO, and the World Economic Forum in Davos.

CHRIS WRAY is an entrepreneur and commercial mediator who has worked with Danah for 10 years, having studied physics and philosophy at Oxford University and then law, before being called to the Bar of England and Wales. 

Venue of the course: 
Hotel President**** 
via Don Minzoni 61
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