Counselling and Consultation Skills: The Unified Field

In the last decades it have been confirmed that the basic underlying and uniting force of the universe is consciousness, a psychic energy field of love, called the Unified Field. Its main quality lies in the urge to unite and make all beings evolve in the direction of a Loving Divine Plan.
The unified consciousness that is the source of the universe radiates out as energy waves of different frequencies, which in turn interact to manifest in different forms having different appearances even if they are all emanations of the one underlying universal soul consciousness.
This field operates on the holographic theory revealing that each of us is like a mirrored bead in the vastness of the universe, containing and reflecting back the Whole. When we shift our identification to the field and the flow rather than isolating and protecting ourselves in our own limited boundaries, change begins to occur on all levels, allowing not only a personal shift of consciousness, but a change in the field and in the people around us.
In the Aura-Soma consultation procedure the Unified Field is the space where we and the client are not separate, because we have both entered into a unified space and have started an mutual exchange through a doorway of colour and light.
Aura-Soma® is a mirror of consciousness, a possibility for the awakening of the self. The colour combinations also represent the reality we live and manifest. The unified field is a clear expression of this concept: there is no separation between us and the colours we choose, but also between us and the person to whom the consultation is given. The purpose of the Aura-Soma system is to support the process of individuation of that unification, that awakening to the balance of the male and female within the self and the balance of above and below.  
We can think of it in relationship of the Star Child, B20, and Sandalphon, B98, in which it is possible to see a 4-way energy connection to do with what’s above and below and the two polarities from the left and the right.
Archengel SandalphonArchangel Sandalphon
Archangel Sandalphon
To activate the Incarnational Star, the energy of the first cell and to receive the information from above, it is necessary that these 4 energies connect: a 4 way connection towards our centre to offer the possibility of the grounding of the information of the Soul Star in the Incarnational Star.
The more we can come into touch with the Incarnational Star, the more we can find that balance between the left and the right, above and below so that the child within us can be born and the inner marriage can happen. It is the relaxation into the male and female which allows that effortless effort to occur within the self.
The aim of the course is to help each of us know the reality of this Field in the consultation and in our life and to teach us how we can activate the potential energies of the Aura-soma Consultation through the tools which are already part of the system.

Outline of the Course:
  • The Aura-Soma System as a self-selective, non-intrusive soul system
  • The Understanding of the colours we choose as representing who we are and our reality
  • How to respond to reality: our RESPONS-ABILITY
  • Mind, emotions, real situations.
  • What is your difficulty as a Consultant?
  • The Consultant and the Client: the revelation of the Unified Field and the unfolding of our reality
  • Introduction to the Daisy Consultation Sheet: the energies and the colours of the consultation and their relationship
  • Listening to the Star: what it is and how to connect. The wisdom and the centering of the gold.
  • The Sacred Space of the Relationship (Gold)
  • Grounding, preparing the space (red)
  • Breathing, communication, peace and clarity (blue)
  • Panoramic awareness and space (green)
  • The process of Individuation of the client and their creativity
  • Bliss and deep understanding (orange)
  • Clarity and connection with the Spirit (violet)
  • The realization of the Unified Field and the Observer
  • Synchronicity exercise: the consultant and the client are one.
  • Recognizing the expectation of the clients through their colour selection.
  • Exploring the red-yellow-blue tendencies of the client and their manifestation
  • Transforming the client’s attitudes towards the situations in their talents and gifts
  • Leading: the capacity of leading a session
  • Structure of the 2° chakra, polarity session: to be with yourself/ to be with the client
  • Trust and Insight: how to be in touch with the Master within.
This is an accredited ASIACT RENEWAL course for Aura-Soma Practitioners, Colour Care Consultants and Teachers. It is also valid for the 36 hours further requirement for the completion of Level 4. It can be attended at any time of the training. No pre-requisites required. - Internet Partner