Aura-Soma® Craniosacral Touch® - Module 1

01/20/2017 - 01/22/2017

Maria DarbellayMaria Darbellay
Maria Darbellay

Light Body Consciousness

Craniosacral Touch® is a treatment encompassing the combination of Craniosacral Therapy and the Aura-Soma® Colour Care System. 

This is a non-invasive form of therapy combining the healing biodynamics of Craniosacral Therapy with the application of the Colour Care System from Aura-Soma®. This duo of therapies has been strongly connected together since the very beginning of their development in England since the beginning of the 1980’s.

Margaret Cockbain, Vicky Wall mate, first introduced the idea of combining the Colour Care System from Aura-Soma® together with Craniosacral Therapy. Finally it was Mike Booth, todays Chairman of Aura-Soma Products Limited® and the Principal of The Aura-Soma® Academy, who asked Maria Darbellay in 2003, if she would be interested to study the connection of the two therapies on a deeper level. Since then, Maria, a graduate in Physio and Craniosacral Therapy and Aura-Soma® teacher, began researching the connection between these two systems of therapy in her practice.

The experience so far has proven extraordinary, on a day to day basis, with new phenomena emerging as well as observing profound effects on the process of healing and change in her clients, assisting towards a holistic development of body, spirit and soul.

This form of therapy is not to be considered as a conventional therapy. There is no guarantee of what it may do for you. Essentially, this is a form of soul therapy with the intention of bringing balance to each unique soul, and developing one’s inner being and essence in a holistic manner. It is recommended for persons interested in Aura-Soma and complimentary forms of medicine or for those who believe it may offer support with existing therapies, or simply for the individual interested in the realization of awareness. Maria would like to share this pioneering work including findings, insights and discoveries and has therefore developed a 5-part sequential modular course. 

Maria and her husband, also a Craniosacral Therapist and Aura-Soma Practitioner are teaching these forms of therapy together all over the globe. Craniosacral Touch® is a recognized method in England and is approved by ASIACT (Art and Science International Academy of Colour Technologies). The course in Craniosacral Touch® is also recognized by the EMR in Switzerland (Erfahrungsmedizinisches Register). Since 2015 the name Craniosacral Touch®, Licht – Körper - Bewusstsein® has been a registered trademark in Switzerland.

Module 1 - The anatomy of the subtle body and the layers of the light body

This 3-day course is primarily concerned with the questions to what extent do colours reflect our aura, and how can we support the development of our subtle light body and our inner being through craniosacral touch and the use of the Aura-Soma® products.

You will learn the basic foundation principles of the Colour Care System from Aura-Soma® and get to know Craniosacral therapy. This course and the attendance of Module 1 is suitable for personal experience and awareness development purposes and can be considered as an additional supportive component in a complimentary therapy. Very helpful for general relaxation, post-operative convalescence, physical or emotional overload. Highly recommended for use in supporting palliative care, transition (also death) and for general health care, preventative as well as restoration of health.

No previous knowledge in Aura-Soma nor in Craniosacral Therapy is necessary to take part in this course.

Teacher:  Maria Darbellay

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