Diploma Course in Esoteric Numerology - Part 1


Yesterday we concluded the Diploma course in Numerology Part 1: a deep inner journey of transformation which touched us all deeply. In the Esoteric numerology Diploma course Part 1 we talked about the concept of Karma in our own numerology chart in order to understand the emotional and mental patterns that limit our behavior. Karma is the limitation of where we are from the consciousness point of view. When we become aware that our actions are based on misunderstandings about the true nature of reality, we can transform them and we can be set free to be who we are meant to be as a soul.

Each repeated situation/emotion/thought in our life which creates an inner REACTION hides Karma, that is the possibility of a transformation in order to free our potential. The true plan hiding behind Karma is to persuade us not to serve ourselves, our ego, but the TRUTH.

In Part 2, in autumn, we will talk about Initiation. 
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