Esoteric Tarot Course (Melaka)


Yesterday we concluded the first part of the Esoteric Tarot Course in Melaka, Malaysia, held at the Acodos Cafè. The experience of the esoteric tarot was very deep because it revealed the participants new insights in relation to the journey towards themselves. The esoteric tarot carry a very different message than the traditional tarot cards as we know them, because they speak about how the individual can reach the knowledge of the self through various inner stages of self growth. Each card is associated to a number and each number, interpreted as consciousness, reveals the different trials that each of us has to face within in order to manifest the will of the Soul, our potential and our Divine nature.

Thanks to Sharon Ng, who organized the event, and to my translator Twinkle Chi.  Thanks to all participants for the beautiful inner transformational journey. - Internet Partner