Australian Aura-Soma® Conference (Brisbane)


Today, during the meditation at the Aura-Soma Australian Conference, I received this insight, which I would like to share with you. In the Pink energy of the conference, because the title of the conference is "Gathering in the Pink", I could receive only a sentence related to love. If you want to learn to love, let go not only the situations, but also people. If Love is there, you do not need to force anything or to obligate anybody, and Love will be the one that will make its presence be felt. In the silence of your heart bel always present, do not judge and open yourselves to what existence has chosen for you, for the other persor or for the situation.

I thank the organization of the Australian Aura-Soma® Conference in Brisbane for the invitation and all the wonderful participants. A hug of light... I hope to you all very soon... - Internet Partner