Master 2 in Esoteric Numerology: "Treasure Hunt"


Master 2 in Esoteric Numerology: "Treasure Hunt"

Master 2 Course in Esoteric Numerology: "Treasure Hunt"

The course "Treasure Hunt" (Master II) in Esoteric Numerology ended yesterday, taught by Cristiana Caria and part of the Personal Growth program of the IIS. An experience that has involved our more or less experienced numerologists, in deepening the precipitation of the name, relating their karmic intentions with the 7 Chakras and identifying with greater precision the role that each of us has chosen to interpret in this life, with the purpose of growth in awareness.

A heartfelt thanks to all the participants who have made, as always, the lessons much more interesting and intense thanks to their shares. A special thanks to Michela who, once again, made us sweeter the work with one of her excellent cakes.

See you soon!!

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