IIS EVENT: "Sacred Numerology"


IIS EVENT: "Sacred Numerology"

Sacred Numerology

Yesterday we ended the special IIS event in “Sacred Numerology: Understanding the Language of Spirit”, taught by Cristiana Caria - Spiritual Teacher, SQ Coach with the extraordinary participation of a...


We have explored Numerology through the Holy Writings and, through the observation of the first 9 digits related to the Hebrew Letters, and how each number may be representative of a specific meaning and movement of consciousness; the expression of the unity between the macrocosm and the microcosm, and the willing of the Creator to put in motion and achieve a specific purpose in His Creation.

Supported by the precious Aura-Soma® Equilibrium bottle, we have experienced the correlation between colour and our date of birth through our numbers: these are keys to understand the spiritual dimensions of the Divine reality as an expression and measure of the personal movement of consciousness behind the appearances of form.

An heartfelt thank you to you all who for taking part into it and make this day very special and unforgettable event.

Today we have decided to take our leave with the words of the Great Master Pythagoras in order to keep the energy of these days alive…
“Numbers rule all things” (Pythagoras)
Thank you and...

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