Mapping the Soul's Intent Part 2

After part 1 of Mapping the Soul's Intent it is possible to deepen further the map of the soul's journey through astrology and colours with the course mapping the Soul's Intent Part 2. This six-day course explores the aspects between the planets as part of the Divine Grid, focusing on the interrelationship between the Sun, the Moon and the Earth as symbols of the Spirit, Soul and Body.

In this context the phases of the Moon become an insight into the aspects between the planets. The mythology of each planet is a key to the archetype hidden behind its energy and the bottle related to it. The Lunar nodal axis is explored to highlight what we need to focus on to transform of our karma into Dharma.

This could lead us beyond our origin to the gateways of the opposites we must encounter en route, progressively refining them through an inner alchemical process as the archetypal and spiritual levels of the masculine and feminine relate, unite and separate. The spiritual Earth-child that results is the ground of being from which we arise.

The Draconic Chart is a magnification of the Lunar North Node and focuses on finding one’s true purpose. The comparison of the Draconic Chart with the natal Chart together with the bottles offers deep insights into the current position on the journey of the soul’s intent.
Outline of the Course:
  • The planets as mediators between soul and body.
  • The Divine Grid and the Greater Plan of the soul.
  • The interrelationship between the Sun, the Moon and the Earth: the soul, the personality and the grounding of the mission and purpose.
  • The 4 Moon Phases and the 4 Gates of Initiation.
  • The Moon and the 4 Noble Truths in relation to suffering and the understanding of suffering (B54): transforming Karma into Dharma.
  • The essence of the aspects of the planets and its values.
  • The energy behind the scenes: the houses involved with the aspects. The signs as quality of experience. The planets on the stage.
  • The mythology of the planets: the archetypal energy hidden behind the myth and the bottle: looking for the Holy Grail, the importance of receptivity and imagination.
  • The Lunar Node and its mythology: the deepest core issues revealed at the time of birth and the possibility of mastering the Self.
  • The inner Master in Aura-Soma. The Horse and the Carriage.
  • The Lunar Node and the 10/88 bottles as a template for that axis.
  • The Draconic Chart as magnification of the path of the soul.
  • The Natal Chart and the Draconic Chart.
  • Deepening the meanings of the Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles ascribed to astrology and the subjects developed during the course.
 Please bring with you the following material required for the course:
  1. Aura-Soma Tarot cards
  2. Colour Rose Postcard
  3. White paper A4
  4. Colouring Pencils
Mapping the Soul's Intent Part 2

This is an accredited ASIACT RENEWAL course for Aura-Soma Practitioners, Colour Care Consultants and Teachers.

At the end of the course a certificate of attandance will be issued. No pre-requisites required.

Pre-requisites: Mapping the Soul's Intent Part 1 - Internet Partner