The 72 Angels of the Kabbalah Part 1

This four-day course is an introduction to the 72 Angels and the Aura-Soma® system through the connection that it has been made between the Angel names and the Equilibrium bottles which are the core of the system. 

The possibility of this was felt in the early 1990s when the birth of the Equilibrium bottles in relation to the Tree of Life took place, but only around 2005 this connection became clear and this course was developed. It is one of the new revelations, another key aspect of the Aura-Soma system at this point in time.

The 72 sacred names in Hebrew are expressed in three letter sounds which accord and emanate with specific angelic energies.  Each of the 72 angelic energies has their own name, quality and function as well as being governed by particular days and times, giving personal relevance to each person who works with them, based on the date and time of birth.
The relationship between the 72 Angels and Aura-Soma is very deep because they both support the unfoldment of our Divine nature through the development of consciousness. When we talk about Light, we talk about consciousness. When we bring Light to something, we see all the different facets of it. So becoming conscious of something means to become aware of our conditioned behaviour, of the way we think and feel about things. Only through this we can change the way we relate to things, people and ourselves.

Angels are the messengers of Spirit, but also they are living Beings of Light, they are Light energies at a very high frequency. Their purpose is to support us in the journey towards ourselves and the Light we all carry within.

The Hebrew letters the 72 Angels names are made of came directly from God, they are considered the language of Light and, therefore, they are an expression of the precise plan of the principles of creation, secrets that used to be preserved by the initiated, and that now can be activated within us by consciously working with them.
The 72 Angels on the Tree of LifeImage © ASIACT
Image © ASIACT
From another aspect, Aura means light, Soma means body – Aura-Soma, the light body, bringing the Light and the body together through a process of self-remembrance of the inner Light, our Divine nature.

The purpose of this course is to explore the associations of the 72 Angel names with colours, numerology and vibration, to investigate how they interface and work together to support the manifestation of the Light within our body and develop what we call the Light-body.

The nature of the work with the 72 Angels is about invoking the angelic or the Light Body they represent in a tangible form through practical exercises and activities; it opens the possibility of a direct correlation between the Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles and the Angelic realm, expressed by the Hebrew language, the language of light.

The course also explores the relationship between your Incarnational Angel, your Heart Angel and your Intellect Angels and the Aura-Soma four-bottle selection to show how this relates to your mission and purpose (soul) bottle, to the greatest gift and challenge bottle and to the bottle concerned with the present situation. The purpose is to enhance the possibility of a deeper understanding of the inner process we are going through and revealing the support of the angels and how they can be of assistance to trigger the inner shift of consciousness.
Working with 72 Angels is a truly and deeply transformational process, which does not work only on a conscious level but also on a cellular level by alchemically changing the substance of our being, by enhancing our awareness and raising our consciousness in accord with our light-body.
Outline of the course "The 72 Angels and the Kabbalah” Part 1:
  • Aura-Soma, the Light Body and the Ancient Wisdom Systems
  • The 3 Angels and the 3 Aspects of our Being: how to incarnate and manifest them.
  • The Kabbalah, the Hebrew Letters, the 72 Angels
  • The Hebrew letters as language of light: keys to consciousness
  • The Hebrew letters as the building blocks of Creation: DNA/RNA
  • Activating the Divine Matrix: the Divine Body in us
  • The Guardian Angel and our self-awareness
  • The Heart Angel and the Intellect Angel: their energies within us
  • The three aspects of our being (thinking, feeling, being) and the three bowls or three brains in us
  • Sound as an activator of the cellular, molecular and atomic transformation
  • The resonance of the colour code through time, the numerological Matrix and the 3 Angels: the support of the Angels in relation to the shift of consciousness.
This is an ASIACT course. A certificate of attandance will be issued at the end of the course. No specific training is required. - Internet Partner