The Golden Thread and the Flow of Consciousness

The Aura-Soma® system has found corrspondences between the Kabbalah and the Equilibrium bottles. Each Equilibrium bottle relates either to a Sphere (which represents a State of Consciousness) in a World (spiritual, mental, emotional or energetic) or a Path (which is the expression of the Movement from one state of consciousness to another) in the Tree of Life.

This means that when we choose 4 bottles in the Aura-Soma Equilibrium range, we also determine on which aspects of ourselves we are are working on and the key points of the Kabbalah which our soul is dealing with at this point in time. Once we have positioned these bottles on the places of Tree they belong to, they can be connected through a very fine thread, called the Golden Thread, which will offers us a very detailed picture of the trasnsformation of our consciousness through time and space and it will describe how our inner process of consciousness will unfold from one point to the other.
The Golden Thread and the Flow of Consciousness
Behind each Equilibrium there is a hidden and deeper story which may be revealed and brought to the surface through the combination of the information of the universal language of colour and number, the Tarot and the Tree of Life.

Working with the Golden Thread means to have the possibility, through a direct and practical experience on the Tree of Life, to support ourselves in this process with the Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles, Pomanders, Quintessences, Colour Essences and ArchAngeloi.

It is a means to understand what we have chosen in our life and a way to connect with and work on the deepest levels of our being because this Map of the Flow of Consciousness that emerges can be seen as a microcosmic and macrocosmic diagram that describes the interrelationship between our human nature, the plan of existence and the universe and it has the potential to bring us back to the original wholeness and uniqueness.
Outline of the course:
  • The Tree of Life as a map of consciousness: its meaning and structure
  • The 4 Levels of the Tree: spiritual, mental, emotional, energetic. The different levels of existence and of our being
  • The 10 Spheres of the Tree and their meaning as a State of consciousness
  • The movement of consciousness: the 22 paths and their significance in the Tree of Life
  • Our Map of Consciousness in the Tree of Life: the Golden Thread
  • Drawing the Golden Thread with the Matrix: the language of colour and number, the Tarot and the connection with the Tree of Life
  • Practical experience of the energetic of the Spheres, the Paths and the Golden Thread
  • Interpreting the Flow of Consciousness in a 4 bottle selection
Material required for the course:
  1. Tree of Life Cloth
  2. Full Set Equilibrium Bottles
  3. Aura-Soma New Aeon Tarot cards
The Golden Tread can be experienced as a practical during a 2-day course or it can be explored deeply on a 6-day course. During the practical exploration, whether it occurs on a 2-day course or on a longer one, the individual will find the key knots of the Flow of Consciousness, represented by the Equilibrium bottles, which need a specific attention and more work.
The process activated by these bottles is a very deep and profound transformation of consciousness, which will modify the view of ourselves and the world in a more harmonious way attuning ourselves to our potential. - Internet Partner