The Journey of the Soul Through the Stars - Part 1

08/19/2016 - 08/22/2016

The Journey of the Soul Through the Stars - Part 1
The word astrology means 'account of the stars'. Its purpose is to understand the meaning of the events and situations that we experience in our life through the study of the movements and the angles that each planet creates in relation to the position of the Earth. 

The movement in heaven shows us what each person has decided to endeavour in order to achieve the fusion between the personality, or lower self, and the soul or higher self. According to the ancient teachings this process implies a rising in consciousness is called initiation process. The ancient texts speak about the possibility of knowing ourselves as we are and revealing the potential of the soul by following and integrating the different experiences that each individual has decided to experience during their life. The quality of the chosen experience is written in the movement of the stars and it is possible to understand its flow through the personal astrological chart. 

In an astrological chart there are 3 levels of consciousness based on the 3 crosses – the mutable cross, related to personality, connected to form, body and mass consciousness; the fixed cross, associated to the disciple, the one who is aiming to align to the soul and that is working on taming the ego; and then the initiate, the one who has become completely transparent (selfless) and that allows the energy of Spirit to flow through. The first two crosses move clock-wise, as the individual is completely subjected to the energy of the stars. The last one moves anti clock-wise as the initiate has managed to free himself from the dependency from the stars and he is now using the energy that flows through them to co-create with the creator.

The aim of this course trilogy is to teach the student how to read an astrological chart and understand the potential of growth that it hides showing how it is possible to transform a challenge into a gift and rise in consciousness. As consciousness expresses itself through colour, our journey will be supported by the Aura-soma colour-care® system astrology colour and Equilibrium bottles attributions in order to enhance the understanding of our soul journey through time.

Outline of Part 1
_ The sky in relation to the earth
_ The astrological template – the zodiac
_ The 3 crosses – personality, disciple, initiate – the 3 levels of the journey
_ The journey of the soul: signs and houses in relation to colour, the 3 levels and the signs
_ The natal chart
_ Combining the natal chart with the astrological template
_ Understanding the energy of each house in relation to the soul journey
_ Practical exercises and consultations

Outline of Part 2
_ The planets as rulers of the signs in the different crosses
_ The planets and their colour attributions in relation to consciousness
_ The planets in the natal charts
_ Chiron – the wounded healer and its relationship with rising in consciousness
_ Angles and movements in relation to consciousness
_ The North and South Node: moving from Karma to Dharma with consciousness
_ Practical exercises and consultations

Outline of Part 3
_ The solar return and the movement of consciousness through the year
_ The 5 astrological initiations: the rulers and the quality of the journey
_ The North and South Node: moving from Karma to Dharma with consciousness – a further explanation
_ Practical exercises and consultations

Venue of the Course: Chapel Hill, Brisbane QLD - AUSTRALIA


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