The Symbolism of the Tarot

This six-day course on the Tarot is an exploration of the symbolism and the mysteries behind each Aura-Soma Tarot card, which is an expression of an aspect of our process of individuation in relation to the unfoldment of our mission and purpose.

Symbolism is very important in the process of development of consciousness. A true understanding of this symbolism enables us to elevate our daily feelings and experiences into a higher spiritual vibration. The conscious, human mind is not able to fully grasp the complete symbolism of the Tarot. Each card was intricately designed and drawn to include its true meaning through the use of symbols, which are Universally acknowledged through our unconscious minds.

The Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, saw all of the Tarot images as "descended from the archetypes of transformation" (Jung, 1959/1990, p. 38). These archetypes include several of the primary archetypes that are encountered during Jung's individuation process, which is a process of psychological maturation which allows us to get to know more and more who we are.

The Tarot archetypal symbols comprise the major dynamical components of the unconscious which affect us in many different ways. The understanding of these symbols is deepened as we work on ourselves.
Outline of the Course:
  • A Brief History of the Tarot
  • The Tarot cards and the Language of Colour: their relationship
  • The origin of the Kabbalah and the relationship with the Tarot
  • The Major and minor Arcana: differences
  • The Outward and Return Journey: the archetypal energies of consciousness
  • The minor Arcana: the different levels of existence (the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical worlds)
  • The Symbolism of each Major Arcana and the Equilibrium bottles: Outward and Return journeys
  • The Symbolism of the Minor Arcana and the Equilibrium bottles: Wands and the Spiritual World, Swords and the Mental World, Cups and the Emotional World, Pentacles and the Physical World
  • The Tarot and the 4 bottle selection
  • The Tarot and the Matrix of the Soul though the Universal Language of Colour and Number
  • The Archetypal energies behind each bottle (matrix of each bottle within a selection) and the 4 bottle selection (Matrix of the 4 bottles)
  • Practical Exercises
Please bring with you the following material required for the course:
  1. Aura-Soma Tarot cards
  2. Major Arcana Laminated Cards (Outward and Return Journey)
  3. White paper A4
  4. Colouring Pencils

This is an accredited ASIACT RENEWAL course for Aura-Soma Practitioners, Colour Care Consultants and Teachers.
At the end of the course a certificate of attandance will be issued. No pre-requisites required. - Internet Partner