The Journey of the Soul Through the Stars - Part 1

03/04/2016 - 03/07/2016

The word astrology means 'account of the stars'. Its purpose is to understand the meaning of the events and situations that we experience in our life through the study of the movements and the angles that each planet creates in the sky.
In the astrology each planet is a mediator of the energy/vibration between the personality and the soul and the angle they create between themselves in the sky are the expression of the inner dynamics we experience within us in order to align to our true self and potential. At the same time each star sign represents a state of consciousness and each House represents and area of experience of the soul.

Vicky Wall, founder and innovator of the Aura-Soma colour-care system, intuited that the colour combinations of the Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles could be related to the zodiac attributions and their corresponding planets because they both describe the integration soul/personality and the unfolding of the soul potential. Since that time it has become also clear that each of the zodiac signs relates to certain of the bottles in the major arcana on the tarot and that they carry a deep meaning in relation to the understanding of our personal journey.

Would you like to see what is the celestial energy you are working with? Would you like to know how it supports you and your client? Would you like to transform a challenge in a gift? Would you like to understand how you can apply the Aura-Soma astrological attribution to an Aura-Soma consultation?
Colour offers us this opportunity. Aura-Soma is a tool for becoming more aware of the celestial influences through the 4 Equilibrium bottle selection. It is a possibility to fully embrace the Self and be inspired by the coloured messages of the stars hidden in the Equilibrium combinations.

Venue: Taipei - Taiwan
Organizzer: Twinkle Chi
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