Aura-Soma®: Colour as Consciousness

Aura-Soma® is a colour-care system that focuses on the spiritual evolution of the individual and the relationship between energy and consciousness as its purpose is to assist us to attune to our true Self and make shifts in our energetic system and in our awareness.

In her autobiography “The Mirror and the Miracle” Vicky Wall, the founder and innovator of the system, talks about the language of colour as a mirror which offers the possibility of recognising our truth to reveal the very essence of the soul, the deeper intuitive and wisdom aspects within us, the Miracle that We Are.

Colour is the language through which nature speaks, it is part of the underlying order of the universe and it carries a whole array of messages that speak to the different levels of our experience. The seeds of understanding this language of colour are contained within each of us as a knowing reflected in our everyday life through the language we use and the colours we select in our daily choices and preferences.
When we talk about colour, we can clearly see that each colour relates to a different aspect of life and, by looking at things of the same colour, we can notice how they resonate together and how Colour becomes a means by which we can draw connections.

It is colour that helps guide the soul on its journey of evolution as it is a manifestation of consciousness. As Goethe stated, "All that is outside, also is inside" and there is no separation between what we need and what we are.

It is consciousness that perceives what we are called to, as consciousness can be defined as what it is manifest in all forms of perceptions, in all forms of knowing.

Whenever you are conscious of something, that something becomes the qualifying for consciousness. Consciousness is the possibility of knowledge, of “Knowing Thyself”, knowing pure existence and knowing the potential of who we are.

“Wander within the Jewels before you. They have a Language, learn it. They are a Book within themselves;
read it and know that in the end they are a Mirror held before you, and Yours is the Miracle.”
Vicky Wall

Through colour we can recognize our personality patterns and our soul qualities and talents. Colour is consciousness, is our being talking to us through this universal language to support us in the journey towards ourselves. There is therefore, no difference between what you are, who you are and the colours you choose because colour and consciousness are the same.

To reflect and support consciousness this system does not use colour only but also the energies of the three kingdoms of nature: the mineral kingdom through the gems and the crystals, the plant kingdom through the herbs, trees and vegetable matter, and the hue-man kingdom. The energies of these three kingdoms joined together highlight how Aura-Soma mirrors the potential of colour as a reflection of consciousness.
The coloured oils contained in the Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles, which are the core of the system, the Pomanders, the Quintessences, the Colour Essences and the other colour related products are of assistance in bringing the whole being into a state of balance and well-being. Their main purpose is to help increase our self-awareness and spiritual awakening.

Your colour choice always reflects your very personal needs and deciphering these underlying messages can help you understand your true potential. This is why the main statement of the system is "You are the colours you choose", meaning that these colours reflect the needs that lie hidden within and your colour choice can help you recognise them at a deep level.

The greatest potential of the Aura-Soma System relies on the fact that its use, application and training open levels of communication between the Self and the Soul because the chosen colours have the capacity to support the person in a more profound understanding of  the soul journey throught time by bringing insights which lead to self-empowerment.
The key is the selection of four bottles from the full set of Equilibrium through your eyes, which are the gateway to your Soul. In this way you have the opportunity to recognise your colour code through time. Each colour code is specific to each person, mapping the intent and the journey of the soul through the different life experiences.

Aura-Soma® is colour and colour is the mirror on which consciousness reflects itself.
Working with colours means working with consciousness in order to awaken the greatest potential lying within us.

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