Aura-Soma® Level 2: "Yellow Course"

04/22/2023 - 04/25/2023

Aura-Soma® Level 2: "Yellow Course"

Aura-Soma® Level 2: "Yellow Course"

The aims of the Level 2 course are threefold, firstly to explore the deeper symbolism of colour and the different levels of colour in relation to consciousness and well-being, secondly to gain a deeper understanding of Colour and consciousness in relation to The Law of Three and the inherited tendencies and their gifts and thirdly to make connections between the Aura-Soma® Colour Care System and other wisdom traditions.

  • Colour: An exploration of the 5 levels of colour –symbolic, spiritual, mental, emotional and energetic.
  • The Primaries within all colours and the Three Tendencies.
  • The Law of Three – Subtle Anatomy.
  • Equilibrium and Numerology
  • Quintessences: further information on the Master energies
  • Colour Breathing
  • Uses of gems within the Aura-Soma® Colour Care System.

TEACHER: Cristiana Caria.

DETAILS: This is an ASIACT course (International Academy of Colour Technologies) organized by the International Initiation School. Even if this course is not part of the official school training, it has been accredited as a deepening of the subject of the school; therefore, it will be considered as a IIS Personal Growth seminar. This course can be attended by all students who took part in the Aura-Soma® Level 1: "Blue Course"To have access to the Aura-Soma® Level 3: "Red Course", the student must wait at least 30 days from the end of Level 2. The places on the course are limited; please book your place in advance by sending your deposit (unrefundable)​.

This Seminar will be Audio Recorded. The Students will receive the downloadable Recordings, for their own personal use only.

SCHEDULE (4 days - 24 total hours): 
  • 22th April 2023 | 10:00 -  13:00 and 14:00 - 18:00;
  • 23th April 2023  | 10:00 -  13:00 and 14:00 - 18:00;
  • 24th April 2023  | 10:00 -  13:00 and 14:00 - 18:00;
  • 25th April 2023  | 10:00 -  13:00 and 14:00 - 18:00.

RECOMMENDED RELATED COURSES: Colour, Light and Consciousness, Meditation and Concentration; Aura-Soma® Essentials. The attendance of these courses is recommended in order to obtain a more complete understanding of the subject.



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VENUE: International Initiation School - via Fontana 4/A - 41012 Carpi (MO), ITALY


+ BY CAR (10 min.): At the exit of the freeway to Carpi ( A22 ) enter highway B. Losi ( SP413/SP468R ) and  indications to "Centro ". Go straight , pass three roundabouts and four traffic lights. Then take a right turn to Via Guastalla. Always continue forward until you come to Via Manzoni and turn right to Via Caduti del Lavoro. At the stop go straight in Via Fontana. You have arrived.

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+ BY TRAIN (10 min. On foot): At Carpi train station enter Viale D.Dallai and follow Corso S. Cavassi. Turn right in Via Duomo, then left in Via C. Battisti and finally in Piazzale A. Berteli. You have arrived in Via Fontana.

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+ BY AIRPLANE (45min./1h): It is 45 minutes by car to arrive at the freeway exit of Carpi (A22) from the airports of Bologna and Verona. Or an hour away by train.