IIS Training

The School has developed a program of inner growth and training of the individual, to guide every student and future Facilitator towards the connection with their own soul in order to open themselves to the True Reality hidden behind the illusory appearance of the mind.
Centred on their Soul and in a constant process of personal evolution a Soul Facilitator is able to support others by:
  • Clarifying the life situation of each client by identifying the motivations that create the situation they are experiencing at that moment.
  • Helping them to recognize and let go of the conditioned mental schemes that lie behind the situation.
  • Supporting the individual through the alchemical process of fusion between Soul and Personality for personal growth in consciousness.  This helps them to abandon the old patterns and to activate a new clear interior vision.
  • Guiding the individual towards the connection between themselves and the Love of the soul, in order to live life and relationships fully.
  • Helping them to take note of the mental, emotional, physical and behavioural energy structure to better understand how it manifests at the level of personality.
  • Developing intuition and the ability to listen to the inner voice.

The School asks each Facilitator to follow the dictates of the code of ethics of the School in their practice.
As a Soul Facilitator, we do not judge, devalue or impose ourselves on others, but we guide clients on their inner journey and bless them when they tread that path.
In offering a Consultation we learn to become a soul and what we share transforms us inside and expands our level of consciousness.
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