Colour, Light and Consciousness - Part 2


Colour, Light and Consciousness - Part 2

Colour, Light and Consciousness - Part 2

We have just ended Part 2 of the “Colour, Light and Consciousness”, taught by Linda Clementson Graham.

During the seminar we worked on many different interesting aspects of colour and sound: the relationship between colour, nature and our 5 senses, the system of  bio-feedback, the Kundalini, the Nadis, the Pranic distribution, how to use colour in meditation and affirmations, the Yogic view and the endocrine system, the pursuit of the Sound of the Soul, colour in cooking and gardening, and much more.

A very deep, profound and significative experience for the all group.

We would like to congratulate with all the participants for the dedication and work. A very special thanks to Linda for the magical work shared and to Kathya Scagliola for her special and precious support.

Thanks to you all and…

See you soon!!! - Internet Partner