Diploma Course in Esoteric Numerology - Part 2

11/22/2016 - 11/27/2016

Diploma Course in Esoteric Numerology - Part 2

Esoteric Numerology

During this course we will explore further the energy of number as consciousness in relation to cycles and how we respond to the different energies of the universe in order to understand the process of initiation through which each of us goes through. We will deepen the analysis of the numerological grid and the relationship between numbers and music in order to experience the sound of our name and the effect of its vibration on us. We will learn about the impact of the karmic laws on our life and the relationship between numbers and the chakras

This course is only open to candidates who have successfully completed the Foundation Course. The Course offers a deeper understanding of relationships, the world, and focuses on the development of the intuition. Your personal development on the Course will open up new opportunities as never before.

We will deepen the subject explained in the Foundation course, We will explore the Karmic Law and how we can transform the karmic conditioned behaviour highlighted by the Karmic numbers in the numerological chart in order to activate our potential. 

Module 7 - The Fire Transformation within the Great Experience, Initiation: moving from Self to Higher Self into realisation

Module 8 - Life the great relationship, Transformation through love and acceptance

Module 9 - The Flow of the Double Helix, Aligning with the original intent through the double digits

Module 10 - The Ongoing Journey, The flow of the river of consciousness



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