Our mission is to support you understand your life journey, to show you that you have come here for something more that the daily living and that it is only up to you to discover it.

Each experience that occurs to you in life is a key for your next step. There are some tools that the ancient wisdom teachings have left us and our purpose is to teach you how to use and apply them to find your way back to your true destiny.

We would like to assist you with your spiritual journey by showing you through these wisdom teachings how we create our reality.

These different systems can give you the tools to create the real change in your life and promote the development of your inner potential through various practices like mindfulness, spiritual meditation, imagery, chanting, singing and the investigation of spiritual texts.
Our approach is guided by Aura-Soma, the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, Numerology, Astrology, the Tarot as ancient maps of consciousness that were given to us to develop our Spiritual Intelligence. Spiritual Intelligence has been defined by Elisabeth Denton as "the basic desire to find ultimate meaning and purpose in one's life and to live an integrated life" (Whitmore, 2002:120) and it is the only one that can join together our mind and our heart.

In our courses we teach mindfulness, awareness of the divine, how to choose and act in accordance with our true nature in order to show you how you can consciously become aware and change the reality you live in by changing Karma into Dharma.
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