One Day Workshop: "Toning the 72 Angels"


One Day Workshop: "Toning the 72 Angels"

Invoke and Embody the Energy of our Angels

"Love is a weapon of light and possesses the power to eliminate all forms of darkness. This is the key.
When we offer love even to our enemies, we delete their darkness  and their hatred... 
What is there more, but banishing  the darkness in ourselves.
What remains are two souls who recognize the spark of divinity that both share." 

 -Yehuda Berg-
Experiential day to learn how to make the energy of angels constant and conscious  in our lives - The 72 names of God: technology for the soul

Our birth represents an important moment because the photograph of that point in time contains the elements that signify who we are, our destiny and evolution of our consciousness through time. Our Angels (Incarnational Angel, Heart Angel, Intellectual Angel) represent the deepest energies of our being, that stimulate us from moment to moment to be ourselves, to implement our purpose in life. 

The names of the 72 Angels derive from three old testament phrases in the second book of Moses, Shemot meaning ' name ' which refers to the importance of the divine names in exodus (chapter 14). Every Hebrew letter from which they are formed is very important, not only because it relates to a specific route of the cabalistic tree of life, and to a Tarot card, but also because recent studies have shown that each of them, when rotated, has the same shape as an amino acid of human DNA, which consists of 22 amino acids as the 22 Hebrew letters. All 72 sacred names are important because the 22 Hebrew letters of which they are composed are the constructive elements of our DNA and, together with them, make the 3 triplets, our 3 specific angels.

The 72 sacred names in Hebrew are expressed with the sounds of three letters which emanate with specific angelic energies. Each of the 72 angelic energies has its own name, quality and function and is governed by specific days and times, offering a personal relevance for every person who works with it, according to the date and time of birth. It's a process of real and profound transformation, which operates not only at the conscious level, but also at the cellular level, improving and increasing our awareness, making us aware of our potential. 

On this experiential day we will learn the technique on how  to call  and embody them in our lives and how to operate directly to manifest , through their invocation, the innate potential that they ask us to reveal.

TEACHERCristiana Caria

DETAILS OF THE COURSEThis course, organized and accredited by the International Initiation School is part of the "CRESCITA PERSONALE" (Personal Growth) program, is open to all and no pre-requisites are required. The places on the course are limited; please book your place in advance by sending your deposit (unrefundable)​.

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