After a lot of study, work, research and personal experiences we believe that Spirit is not far away from us but that it is always there available to us. In the world we live in we think that Spirit has left us here and there is no possibility to connect with it. But reality is different than we believe.

The only reality there is is Love, and everything that happens is just a manifestation of it. Even in the most difficult situations, there is always a learning process involved for us: the sooner we learn the lesson, the quicker it will solve.

"Always trust", this is our belief. If you do not understand you lesson now, you will understand sooner or later, but only if you are open to receive the answer. Most of the time our personality thinks it knows better, but this is not true, because your personality is made of all your conditioned patterns.

Our teachings involve the process of self-discovery of the Soul and how to understand that the journey is only the journey towards yourself. The miracle which has to occur is the shift in perception from fear to Love and what we offer are the tools to do it. The first one is consciousness.

"Love brings up everything but itself with the purpose of healing"
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