Autumn Equinox Labyrinth Walk: Letting Go to be Born Again

09/18/2021 - 09/20/2021

Autumn Equinox Labyrinth Walk: Letting Go to be Born Again
Since ancient times, the movement of the Sun around the Earth has been considered a reflection of the cycle of Nature and the human cycle of Life.

This path forms the Wheel of the Year and its 4 distinct equidistant stages – the Autumn Equinox, the Winter Solstice, the Spring Equinox, and the Summer Solstice. These stages determine the passage of the seasons and the variation of the influence of light and darkness throughout the 365 days of the year. 

As the Fire of the Sun is at the origin of all light and life on earth, in times past it was considered the sphere of causation, the spiritual source of Creation and the gate to another level of being, as its light was believed to also illumine the human psyche to stimulate a shift in consciousness.  

The Fire of the Sun lives within everything that exists, including the heart of each human being; it has the power to destroy as well as to create, and hence it has become a living representation of the Divine and a symbol of the journey of consciousness in its return to Source.

According to the ageless wisdom, every solar year, a new seed of consciousness is planted and harvested to induce, within humanity, a new level of understanding and a qualitative shift in the relationship with the Universal Life.

At the Autumn Equinox, day and night are equal, but starting from that point in time, darkness will be dominant. Symbolically, it is the time of the death of the Sacred Seed holding the powers of creation. According to the ancient Law of the Fall, this death symbolizes the beginning of the al-chemical purification that extracts the light from the darkness to support the following inner re-birthing process. 

The Classical Unicursal Labyrinth has always been considered an archetypal map of the Cosmos, echoing the spiraling movement towards the centre, the source of everything that is. The Labyrinth Walk reflects the threefold aspect of the inner process of transformation: releasing – letting go; receiving – opening to the new inner light; returning – reflecting and taking the new under-standing back to one’s physical life. 

This three-day special event at the Oasi Zegna will be a unique experience of the deep connection which exists between the Wheel of the Year, Nature, the new Crystal Labyrinth of Stavello and the human process of awakening to the true inner potential: a very intense time of inner reflection, meditation, transformation, and gratitude. 

We will learn to follow a simple path and tune in to the rhythms of our existence, guided by the natural cycle of the seasons of the Earth, of which the AUTUMN EQUINOX is an important stage. With one step in front of the other, we will come together to dwell in the beauty of the beingness of Nature, and celebrate the shift, not only in the balance between day and night, but also in our inner perception about ourselves and Life. It will be a time of inner exploration in order to prepare for the true self to be manifested in matter.

  • Man, Nature and the Cosmos;
  • The ancient spiritual meaning of the path of the Sun and the Wheel of the Year in relation to the human journey of life;
  • The Autumn Equinox:  The Death of the Sacred Seed;
  • The 3 Kingdoms of Nature (Animal, Vegetable and Mineral,) as inner aspects of the human being;
  • The spiritual meaning of the 4 Elements and the 4 Cardinal Directions;
  • The Labyrinth as an historical archetypal map of the relationship between humanity and the Cosmos;
  • The labyrinth and the 2 Hemispheres of the brain;
  • The 3 stages of the Labyrinth Walk;
  • The Energetic Architecture of the Labyrinth of Stavello: the Colour/Crystal/Nature/Human Being relationship;
  • Group Open Ceremony of the Labyrinth of Stavello;
  • Inner Dedication Process of the Labyrinth Walk;
  • Autumn Labyrinth Walk;
  • Practical exercises, meditation, and contemplative walks in Nature.

TEACHER: Cristiana Caria & Franco Bertoli.

RECOMMENDED RELATED COURSES: Esoteric Numerology Foundation. The attendance of these courses is recommended in order to obtain a more complete understanding of the subject.
DETAILS OF THE COURSE: This event, organized in collaboration with Oasi Zegna ( and credited by the International Initiation School as part of the Personal Growth training, is open to all participants and requires no pre-requisites. The places on the seminar are limited; please book your place in advance by sending your deposit (unrefundable)​. Please be aware that because of the Governmental Covid-19 regulation, early booking is highly recommended as places are strictly limited.

SCHEDULE (18 hours total): 
  • 18th and 19th September | from 10:00 to 17:30;
  • 20th September | from 10:00 to 16:30.



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