The 72 Angels and Numerology

As explained in the introduction to the 72 Angels, there is a strong correlation between the Angels and Numerology. For that reason this course developes further these aspects. During the course we explore not only the meaning of each personal Angel but we also analize each Equlibrium bottle related to it from the numerological point of veiw to add more menings to the qualities of each of them.

This is a 2-day course based on very practical excercises with the aim of making you feel the energy of your Angels and to start working with them by experiencing the energy of the 22 letters which form the 72 Angel names.
The Hebrew word "letter" means "pulse or vibration". As Abraham wrote in the Book of Formation, the first known book about the Kabbalah, 22 forces manifest in our world as 22 frequency pattern and these are an expression of the primordial energy. These letters can be visualized and vocalized or chanted so that they become a very powerful instrument of power because they act as an antenna for the energy of the universe.

At the same time numbers are the aggregating force of the universe and their vibration is a key to understand the nature of our soul.

It is a very good experiencial introduction to the 72 Angels and the Kabbalah Part 1.
"Unique sequences of letters act as a conditioning agent that weakens
and washes away the reactive impulses of our nature.
The letters infuse us with inner strenght and discipline
to apply Resistance and cease our reactive moments.
They target our opponent - our Ego - in all its various manifestations.
The moment we stop our reactive behaviour,
we become proactive and Godlike.
Then positive change accellerates.
Dramatic shifts take place concerning our destinies and our fortunes in life..."
Yehuda Berg The power of the Kabbalah - Internet Partner