The 72 Angels of the Kabbalah

The 72 Angels have their origin and root in the Kabbalistic system. In 1975, the excavation of a medieval Spanish grotto yielded Kabalistic manuscripts from an 11th-15th century which revealed a way to connect and interact directly with the Divine.

These 72 names that bear the name of God are also known as Shemhamphorasch. For this reason each Angel is considered an aspect of the Divine intelligence, they are energetic embodiments and vibratory expressions of the qualities and person of the divine and their purpose is to awaken our consciousness to the presence of the divine that already exist within us. They act as a step down transformer of the energy of the high voltage source of the Divine/God so that it can be received into our human system harmoniously, when we invoke, pray or appeal to it and by partaking of them, we activate aspects of the divine within us becoming more conscious of our potential.
Aura-Soma® is a colour-care system which uses the energies of colours and numbers to support consciousness. Colours and numbers are universal languages, tools to assist us in the journey towards ourselves, and their connection in the system unfolds through the revelation of the bi-coloured Equilibrium bottles, which represent the core of the system itself.
Numbers are very important because they represent a way through which we can relate energies. Gematria, a term seemingly coming from the Greek Alphabet, is an ancient Kabbalistic technique which uses numerology as a basis to confirm the existing connection between two concepts or ideas. This method assigns a numerical value to a word or a phrase because it believes that words or phrases with identical numerical value bear some relation to each other or to the number itself. Gematria has been used to decrypt the hidden meanings in the Hebrew Bible because, each letter creates a different creative force and its numerical equivalences reveal an internal connection between their creative potentials.
The 72 angels stem from three phrases in the Old Testament from the second book of Moses, called Shemot. Shemot means ‘Names’ referring to the importance of divine names within Chapter 14, verses 19, 20 and 21. This chapter describes the exodus of the ‘people hood’ of Israel (Is-Real) from Egypt or Mizrayim, the land of duality and materialism, and their journey through the Red Sea (or red spectrum, which is representative of the visual reality) and the peninsula of Sinai, to the promised land of Palestine, Canaan, Israel, representing Oneness, the world beyond separation or duality, where milk and honey flow.
It is at this point of the Bible there are three phrases of 72 letters each, one after the other, which describe a moment where the pillar of Light, the ladder of ascension or tool of transformation, representing the Divine presence, the Holy Spirit, coming down to the Earth and being visible to all, taking the form of a cloud in the daytime and a light pillar at night time.

By taking the first letter of the first phrase, the last letter of the second phrase and the first letter of the third phrase, and putting them together, the name of the first angel is created. It continues in this way forming 72 triplets, names and living beings, all being part of the body of God.

Each Hebrew letter they are made of is very important not only because it relates to a specific path of the Kabalistic Tree of Life and to a Tarot card, but because recent studies have demonstrated that each of them, when rotated, has the same shape of an amino acid of the human DNA, which are 22 like the 22 Hebrew letters.

Working with the Angels becomes then a real opportunity to bring Light, consciousness, into our physicality. Originally the word Angel meant “fiery messenger”, where the fire was seen as a medium between humanity and the divine. And the word 'Kabbalah' means 'receiving, being receptive to the Light'.

Each of us has three Angels - the Guardian Angel, the Heart Angel and the Intellectual Angel – which can be defined thanks to our date and time of birth. Through numerology and the Gematria, the Aura-Soma system has attributed an bi-coloured Equilibrium bottle to each of the 72 Names and exploring these energies together becomes really a means through which we can bring more awareness to who we are, what we are here for, the gifts that we carry and the way we are to do what we are here to do.
The Guardian/Incarnational Angel reflects in our physical body, to the world of action and material. It talks about the possibility of knowing your potential in the material world, but also it is an expression of the raw material you have to work with on a conscious level to activate that life potential.

The Heart Angel shows us how we feel in relation to the different situations, people and events in our life. It carries the possibility of working with our emotional aspect in order to tune in with the wave of Love that we all carry within.

The Intellect Angels are two: one is called the Spiritual Intellect Angel and the other one the Mental intellect Angel. They are an espression of the way we think about things on the Mental and Spiritual level, but they also talk about our thinking process and what we need to shift to reflect more of our true nature. - Internet Partner