International Initiation School® is a school founded by Cristiana Caria. The School offers a training program which provides the necessary tools to understand every human being's life project. The opening ceremony of the School will take place on 24th March 2017 at the President Hotel in Correggio, Reggio Emilia (Italy). 
Closely related to the opening event, it will be offered the seminar "The 72 Angels and the Power of the Hebrew Letters” from 25th to 28th March .

The School is Accredited by SICOOL (Società Italiana Counselor e Operatori Olistici/Italian Counselors and Holistic Operators Association).

For more information and bookings, please contact the School registration office at:  

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The International Initiation School® comes from a vision, a vision I had really two years ago. This vision is part of a journey, this journey I started many years ago when I was 14.
Because I had a Near Death Experience and I was looking for a way back to the peace and the love that I experience on the other side.

And for that reason I studied and studied a lot and I went back to the ancient teachings, the ancient wisdom teachings, in order to find the way back to that peace. And all this time I realized that Love is the energy, which is at the basis, at the foundation of the life that we live. When we think about the word spiritual, “spiritual” means “what gives life to”.
What gives life to us is Love. Love is a magnetic force, is a cohesive force and everything that happens to us is part of a Plan.
So we really truly do not understand is the Plan, is the unfoldment of the Plan we have come here to live and we are meant to live.

So when I decided to create the International Initiation School®, Initiation means an action to start, begin, something towards yourself, to be yourself, to be, realize and manifest the life you are meant to live.
So I went back in time looking into numerology, esoteric astrology, all these ancient wisdom teachings to find what was lying behind our lives, what was the source, the energy that was triggering that and I found it.

This is why I decided to create the School which is going to be a three years…the School will last for three years, where people can find themselves and then understand their own journey, understand why they are here what they are for and what they have to do.
But more than that, why is that what they are living, what they are experiencing is happening to them, so that they can go with the Plan instead of going against the Plan.
Because what I always say to people: we get angry, we get upset, we get disappointed because our intellect is blind, our intellect cannot see the Plan.
So that when we understand our inner journey, what we are meant to live and where we are meant to go, we can also fulfil our life. And the ancient wisdom teachings gave us all these tools, the only issue is that we need to re-interpret them and use a new language, a language, which can be, we can understand and which is part of our daily life.
And the other most important thing is that they can offer us tools that we can use in our daily life. Spirit is here because life is here in every moment.

So Initiation School, the International Initiation School® is going to be a worldwide school, where people have the chance to be themselves. People will qualify as Soul Facilitator, which means help others find the journey, understand the Plan they are meant to live, the soul journey, the Plan of their lives. - Internet Partner