Dott.ssa Cristiana Caria

Cristiana is a spiritual teacher, a Soul Facilitator and a SQ Coach, who works with the Quantum Strategy Dynamics methodology (QSD) defined by Danah Zohar. She was born in Italy and was educated at the University of Bologna in Humanities and Arts. At the age of 14 she had a near-death experience as a consequence of a major accident. This event changed the course of her life as she started looking for a way to re-connect to "the other part".

From 2000 to 2006 Cristiana moved to and lived in Australia, where she attended many courses: Spiritual Healing, Crystals, Aura-Soma® and Numerology. In 2002 she started to work in an Holistic Center as a Colour Consultant and Spiritual Healer and later she was asked to teach meditation courses and seminars for the development of the spiritual aspect and the inner potential.

In 2004 Cristiana started to travel back to Italy twice a year to teach her classes and courses and, because of her intense work overseas, in January 2006 she moved back to her own country. The Australian experience was very positive and insightful. The meeting with Mike Booth, principal of Aura-Soma Ltd and heir of Vicky Wall, founder of the system, made her become appointed as his official Italian translator and organizer. 

In 2012 Cristiana met Claudine Aegerter, founder of the Connaissance School of Numerology and President of the AIN (Association Internationale de Numerologues). After having attended the training in Numerology, Cristiana was offered to become a teacher of the Foundation and Diploma Courses in Numerology for the School in Italy and in the world.

Cristiana has spent many years seeking spiritual knowledge and enlightenment; delving into the Ancient wisdom Teachings to receive the Way. Her courses are focused on the understanding and deepening of these teachings (Tarot, Kabbalah, the 72 Angels and the Kabbalah, Esoteric Numerology and Esoteric Astrology, etc.) to support others in the unfoldment of their Divine potential and life plan.  

As part of her vision, in 2017, Cristiana founded the International Initiation School, a mystery and holistic school with a training program that provides the necessary tools for the understanding and the actualization of every human’s being life-project. Cristiana Travels and teaches in Italy and around the world to support humanity in its rising in consciousness.

In May 2021 Cristiana has trained and certified as a Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator with The Reverend Dr. Lauren Artress, President and Founder of Veriditas, The Voice of the Labyrinth Movement. Cristiana is now a member of VIA (Veriditas International Association).

On 1st February 2024 Cristiana has been appointed as ambassador of the Association Internationale de Numerologues in Italy and she is now the official representative of AIN ITALIA with the aim of developing a new consciousness in the country.

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