Recent studies have discovered the importance of the Spiritual Intellingence (SI) not only in our daily life, but also in business and professional activities. The Mayan system fortold that this time would have been the time for a great shift in consciousness and they called it the Time Shift.

It is a new paradigm which says that humanity is going to shift from the concept of "time as money" to "time as art". What this means is that in the past our lives were ruled by the need for having money for everything and we worked hard for it, to the point of forgetting ourselves.

Now it has come the time to have QUALITY in our life, which means to do what we love doing and to do it in harmony with everything that exists. The financial crisis of the last few years has shown us that money is not the first aspect in life, but that there are more important values.

There is a new way of living emerging, a way which shows us that we can be who we are and be part of the whole of humanity in a new way. All our courses and classes have been developed for people who want to understand themselves and create a real change in their life, a change which is in accordance with their Soul.

The maps of consciousness given by the ancient wisdom systems are helpful directions and a means to support us.
The first step is to open yourselves to the possibility of being who you really are. If you wish to be so, you are on the right webpage.... - Internet Partner