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10/27/2017 - 10/30/2017Aura-Soma® Beamer Light Pen Course - Level 1

Venue of the Course:
Lucia Angelis® Shop, Carpi (MO) - ITALY

Teacher: Shanto Dorcey

10/06/2017 - 10/09/2017Aura-Soma® Craniosacral Touch® - Module 2/Part 2

Venue of the Course:
Lucia Angelis® Shop, Carpi (MO) - ITALY

Teacher: Maria Darbellay

This is a non-invasive form of therapy combining the healing biodynamics of Craniosacral Therapy with...

06/22/2017 - 06/25/2017Inner Alchemy of the Soul Course - Part 2

Venue of the Course:
Lucia Angelis® Shop, Carpi - ITALIA

This course has come into being after a profound inner journey of the self into Soul as Alchemy can occur only if we contact the Soul energy within us. But what is alchemy? The word alchemy has different etymological...
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Latest blog posts

22 April 2017 - New Moon in Taurus: Dissolving the Veil of Illusion for the New Life to Come

On 26th April we will have a New Moon at 6° in Taurus, apparently with no major aspects in the sky. As described in the previous blog, everything is seemingly in a state of silent interlude, where nothing happens, but many things are stirred up and in the process of being revealed. The key to this...

10 April 2017 - Pink Full Moon: The Interlude and Affinity

The Full Moon of this month is known as the Pink Moon. This name does not come from the colour that the moon will reveal in the sky, but it has its origin in the native culture which associated it to the reappearance of some of the first spring flowers of the wild ground pink...

08 March 2017 - Full Moon in Virgo: The Alchemical Potion of the Soul

The last few weeks have been energetically very intense. The new is coming but we still feel trapped by a lot of unpleasant situations that may appear to keep us living in the past. The next Full Moon in Virgo occurring on Sunday will trigger an increase in recent tensions as the celestial bodies form a... - Internet Partner