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10/27/2017 - 10/30/2017Aura-Soma® Beamer Light Pen Course - Level 1

Venue of the Course:
Lucia Angelis® Shop, Carpi (MO) - ITALY

Teacher: Shanto Dorcey

10/06/2017 - 10/09/2017Aura-Soma® Craniosacral Touch® - Module 2/Part 2

Venue of the Course:
Lucia Angelis® Shop, Carpi (MO) - ITALY

Teacher: Maria Darbellay

This is a non-invasive form of therapy combining the healing biodynamics of Craniosacral Therapy with...

09/20/2017 - 09/26/2017Foundation Course in Esoteric Numerology

Venue of the Course:
Geraldton, WA - AUSTRALIA

This Course offers a good basic phycological portrait of number, and allows the student to access the understanding of the personality as it learns to allign to the Higher Self. It offers a positive approach to...
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Latest blog posts

04 July 2017 - Full Thunder Moon in Capricorn: The 17-17-17 Pin Number

We are approaching the Full Thunder Moon occurring on 8th/9th July 2017, depending on the time zone. This Full Moon will be a very special and unique one as there are a few aspects, which will generate a very powerful and transformative energy. It will be a very intense time, a time of alignment and...

21 June 2017 - Super New Moon in Cancer: Releasing the Old Shell

On 23rd/24th June, depending on the time zone, we will be under the magnetic inflow of energy of the New Moon at 2 degrees Cancer. Cancer is a water sign. In traditional astrology, it is ruled by the Moon, while esoterically it is governed by Neptune. This sign is one of the two gates of...

07 June 2017 - Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius: The Emergence of the New Direction

  The coming Full Moon in Sagittarius is called the Strawberry Moon because the Algonquin tribes consider it as a sign to gather ripening fruit. Strawberries are a symbol of rebirth and a healing from old wounds, but also a time of taking responsibility for the present happening and allow the light to illumine your... - Internet Partner