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10/10/2019 - 10/13/2019The 72 Angels of the Kabbalah: Embodying the 4 Angels of Light

Venue of the Course:
IIS, Carpi (MO) - ITALY

Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom teaching that reveals how Life works by uncovering the hidden mysteries of the Bible and this is also...

07/18/2019 - 07/21/2019Aura-Soma® Livello 3: "Avanzato"

Venue of the Course:
IIS, Carpi (MO) - ITALY

There are two main aims of the Level 3 Advanced Course. Firstly, to explore the deeper aspects of colour theory through the Master sequence in order to...

07/10/2019 - 07/15/2019Diploma in Esoteric Numerology - Part 2

Venue of the Course
IIS, Carpi (MO) - ITALY

This Course offers a good basic phycological portrait of number, and allows the student to access the understanding of the personality as it learns to allign to the...
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28 May 2018 - Full Moon in Sagittarius: Acknowledging the Light Within

This time of the year is very intense. Numerologically we are approaching the middle of the collective year 2018 and the light of transformation is reaching its peak, asking each of us to undergo a series of changes which have the purpose of laying the foundation of the soul aspect within the self. When the...

27 March 2018 - Full Blue Moon in Libra: Planting the Seed of the New Life

On 31st March at 14.37 Italian time we will have the Full Blue Moon in Libra at 10 degrees. The Blue Moon is the second Full Moon of the month and its energy has the purpose to create a deeper communication between our physical and spiritual life. In colour language blue is related to the...

15 November 2017 - New Moon in Scorpio: Surrendering to the Higher Source

On 18th November the Moon will be conjunct the Sun at 26°19’ in Scorpio. In colour language Scorpio is associated to turquoise, the colour known as the process of individuation, which has been defined as a movement of consciousness from the perception of an inner separation to a more balanced and soul-centred state. In the... - Internet Partner