The Tarot

The Tarot deck is the synthesis of ancient Sacred Texts which contained the mysteries of the unfoldment of man’s consciousness through time and space.  During the period of the religious persecutions these Texts were translated into images which formed what we now call the Tarot deck.
In the Tarot deck we find two kinds of cards: the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. Each of them, whether a Major or minor, tells a story which is hidden in every symbol that is depicted in the card and offers the possibility to understand the pattern that lies behind its image.
The Major Arcana are the greatest Archetypes, the greatest secrets behind what is, and the energies that create everything that happens. They are like enigmas that man has to solve within himself and also an inner journey from one state to another to manifest his destiny.
The minor Arcana are related to the four main suits (Wands, Swords, Cups and Pentacles), which represent the different levels of existence and the various levels within us: the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical worlds. They talk about the way we relate to things and the way, on each level, we manifest what we believe.
The Tarot
To understand the nature and the symbolism of the Tarot cards it is important to relate them to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. According to these Kabbalistic teachings, the universe works according to certain powerful principles and the understanding of these concepts allow us to know the deep meaning of the the nature of our existence and how we create it.

Our soul and our subconscious/unconscious mind speak to us through symbols and images to show us the way out of the situation we live and to improve our life. By working and studying the Tarot, we have the chance to understand ourselves better and to carry the Light of the Creator, the Light of Existence, in our lives.

The deep meaning and symbolism of each Tarot card is further explored by also investigating the significance of the Aura-Soma® Equilibrium bottle associated to it. Behind each Equilibrium there is a hidden and deeper story which may be revealed and brought to the surface through the combination of the information of the universal language of colour and number, the Tarot and the Tree of Life. - Internet Partner