The 72 Angel Names and the Power of the Hebrew Letters

03/25/2017 - 03/28/2017

The 72 Angel Names and the Power of the Hebrew Letters

Hebrew Letters

The 72 Angels names, which come from the Exodus in the Bible, are composed of a triplet made of 3 Hebrew Letters. These names reflect the qualities of the Divine that we have come here to incarnate and manifest. At the time of birth our energy structure was created by the combination of 4 of these Angel names which reflected the qualities of the different aspects of our being: the Guardian Angel (that carries the quality of our mission and purpose), the Heart Angel (that expresses the way we feel and relate to the world from the feeling point of view), the two Intellect Angels (that reflect our way of thinking, both in relation to our Higher Self/soul and our daily life).

According to the Torah the 22 Hebrew letters are the building blocks of the universe and their combinations give life to the whole of Creation. The Hebrew letters are not ordinary letters, but they are SYMBOLS describing the fields of consciousness they represent. Each of them is an expression of a unique energy-intelligence, holding specific attributes and animated by a very powerful spiritual force.

In alchemy symbols help to introduce energy into the alchemical work because the image of the symbol incarnates the celestial power it holds. Through symbols we receive QUALITY and MEANING so that we may align to WHO and WHERE we are at this point in time. Because of the energy-intelligences that each letter conveys and expresses, working with and contemplating these triplets lead to a connection with the wisdom and energy power they carry. Their shapes match the shape of the 22 amino-acids of our DNA and tuning in with their energy-intelligence is a real opportunity to unlock the light frequencies, allowing the possibility of a very deep shift in consciousness to overcome our challenges and reveal our gifts and talents.

During this 4-day course we will explore all the 22 Powers of the Hebrew letters in order to connect with the energy-consciousness they carry. The purpose is to explore the quality of the triplets of our 4 Angels names through their shape, number, colour and sound vibration in order to reveal our life mission and become the angels that we are. At the end of the course the participants will be able to offer individual consultations to the public.
The music of Emiliano Toso, who works with the 432Hz frequencies, will accompany us throughout our practical experiences in order to help us get in touch with the energy/intelligences of the letters on a cellular level.

At the end of the course the participants will be able to offer individual consultations to the public.

  • Early Bird Price: if you send the deposit of 150 Euros by 2nd February 2017, the total cost of the course is 395 Euros (VAT included).
  • Full Price: if you book the course after 3rd February, the total cost of the course is 495 Euros (VAT) included.
The cost of the course includes: Tuition fee, the course manual, the certificate of attendance of the International Initiation School, tea/coffee breaks. Accommodation and meals are not included.


Please be aware that for the days of the opening event and seminar, we’ve stipulated  an agreement with the hotel President for the accommodation of the participants. Please contact directly the hotel to arrange your stay, mentioning the agreement with the International Initiation school. DO NOT BOOK ON LINE. 
The hotel restaurant offers a daily buffet service for lunch for a special fee. Please contact the school secretary for further information.

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