The Aura-Soma® Training Courses

The Aura-Soma® Colour Care system has developed a comprehensive programme of courses to teach the basics of colour and its association with consciousness.
These courses do not introduce only to the system and its philosophy but they also offer the opportunity for a deep personal transformational inner journey through the energies of colour, as well as being vocational because it leads to the qualification of Aura-Soma Colour Care Consultant.

When Vicky Wall, the founder of the system, outlined the sequence of the training, she was inspired by something greater which was going beyond the simple apprehension of the meaning of Colour.
In the introduction to the lecture held at White Lodge, Vicky says that Aura-Soma is about the art of healing, about “Holistic Healing”. The holistic principle affirms that the qualities of the whole are different and greater than those of the sum of its parts, suggesting that who we really are cannot be reduced to our mind, our feeling or the parts of our body.
Aura-Soma is based on that concept and shows how each of us is really something greater and different than what we perceive.
The Aura-Soma® Training Courses
The structure of the training, in its smallest details, was expressly developed to support us to get in touch with our True Self, our deep Essence. The TRUE SELF, as Vicky says in her lecture at White Lodge, is the TRUE AURA, “it is unique to you like our own fingerprints”, it’s our GUIDE and when we get in touch with the True Aura, our being begins a process of renewal on all levels.
Each of us is looking for him/herself and Aura-Soma is a way to find ourselves again.
The Academy was given the name ASIACT, which, besides being an abbreviation of AURA-SOMA INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF COLOUR TECHNOLOGIES, expresses the deep significance of “AS I ACT”, with the purpose of re-affirming the fundamental concept of the philosophy of the system that It is not what we do, but the way we do what we do and why we do it that is important.
Colour and consciousness have been explored through time and as the Aura-Soma training structure unfolded, it revealed the relationships and a correspondences with other ancient wisdom systems, facilitating the discovery of the nature of reality. Each step of the training is not only a step further in the understanding of colour, energy and consciousness, but it represents a deeper awareness of ourselves because it brings new insights to inner and outer worlds.
The Aura-Soma Colour Care Consultant Training consists of Levels 1, 2 and 3 which involve 36 hours of attendance, which are sometimes taught on two weekends. After the completion of levels 1 and 2 the student who would like to start offering little talks in public may attend the Personal Presentation Skills course (18 hours of attendance), or postpone it after the Level 3. After the Level 3 course, the final level is 4 which is a Home Study course to be completed in your own time.
  • Level 1  This course introduce the student to the philosophy of the Aura-Soma colour system, by providing information about the basics of the language of colour in relation to consciousness,  an introduction to the subtle anatomy and an exploration of the tools offered by the system to support the inner journey of self-discovery and self-rememberance.
  • Level 2   The primary aim of this course is to make connections between the Aura-Soma Colour System and other wisdom traditions showing the value of recognising colours' influence on consciousness. The main concepts explored during the seminar are: the 5 levels of the language of colour as consciousness, the concept of the Trinity and the different traditions related to it, colour breathing, astrology and colour, numerology, the cultural experiences through time, colour and the environment.
  • Level 3   The keys of this course rely on the exploration of the Master sequence, the Tarot with its symbolism and archetypes and the Tree of Life as a map of consciousness.
  • PPS   The aim of the course is to develop more inner presence, to expand and improve our consultation and presentation skills. It invites us to ask ourselves how we offer ourselves to ourselves and to the world and, through the practise and the presentation of the System to others, helps us focus on How we do what we do, on the Quality of what we do, and on our gifts and talents by showing us in a practical way what is the Heart of the Aura-Soma Philosophy, that is the fact that behind each challenge there is the great gift of grounding our TRUE SELF. 
  • Level 4   This Home Study Course has been developed to deepen the understanding of the system by asking the student to explore the wider field of colour in order to understand on a deeper level how colour is light and how light is the source of everything that manifests in our reality. This Level integrates different items: the answers to 10 questions, the submission of 50 Consultations, the Anatomy or Counselling/Consultation Skills Course and the marking of all the work by a Reader designated by the Academy.
It is a deep inner journey. As Vicky Wall used to say "Each step is a step within" and each of the Aura-Soma Training Courses® will activate a transfomative inner process to allign our personality to our true self, by awaking our awareness and the innate potential in each of us.

Each course is certified by the ASIACT Academy. A certificate of attendance will be issued at the end of each course. - Internet Partner