Mapping the Soul's Intent Part 1

As we know from the Aura-Soma® System each individual has their own unique soul purpose and the mission is to unfold it in the world. It is always there locked deep within us and one of the keys whereby this knowledge may be revealed is through a soul understanding of the Natal Chart from the colour point of view. Colour is Consciousness. There is no separation between what we need and what we are. In other words the consciousness that perceives what we are called to, is what needs those colours to support it to become more of its potentiality.

The Equilibrium Bottles are a system of self-exploration that provides deep awareness, insight and understanding into the nature of one's self and one's life.  It is a symbolic map of consciousness to expose the truth of who we are, offering a clear sense of direction and overall perspective. Its relationship with other ancient wisdom teachings and cosmologies is a key to greater understanding. Astrology as one of these shows in great detail the path that will lead towards the achievement of personal goals, greater awareness, wholeness and well-being.
Mapping the Soul's Intent Part 1
This celestial science has a body and a soul: the planets, signs and house come alive to form a symbolic language offering information regarding the inner and outer journey. 
The relationship between the Colour Code through time and the Natal Chart opens the doorway to awareness and inner answers to help us live our life in the most soul-effective and harmonious way. It highlights the areas and causes of potential challenges to resolve inner dynamics and so reveal  innate talents and natural abilities to manifest them in the life journey of the soul.

This six-day course explores the application of Vicky’s astrological attributions to the Colour Template of Astrology and the Natal Chart in the 4-bottle consultation. This interpretation can bring to light how the purely physical planetary cycles can be integrated in the soul level of reality where the body becomes the true Temple of the Soul.
Outline of the Course:
  • Astrology as a map for the evolution of consciousness.
  • The reality beneath the purely physical planetary cycles: change as an experience of perfection, comprehension, harmony and realization.
  • Everything in creation has a body and a soul: in the realm of souls that we find the true connecting link between ourselves and the Greater Whole.
  • The body as a vehicle for the manifestation of the Soul.
  • The Natal Chart as a possibility to co-create and build the Rainbow Bridge.
  • Introducing the Template of the Natural Zodiac: the earth perspective and the celestial perspective.
  • The Template and its relationship to the Wheel of Fortune (B10/88) and the Wheel of Dependent Origination (Patītyasamutpada).
  • The Houses as Areas of Experience of Consciousness.
  • The Signs as States of Consciousness.
  • The Planets as Expression of Consciousness.
  • Looking at the Natal Chart in relation to the Soul’s Journey.
  • The 4-bottle consultation in relation to the Houses, the Signs and the Planets.
  • Looking briefly at the transits and the 4-bottle selection.
  • Practical Exercises.
 Please bring with you the following material required for the course:
  1. Aura-Soma Tarot cards
  2. Colour Rose Postcard
  3. White paper A4
  4. Colouring Pencils
This is an accredited ASIACT RENEWAL course for Aura-Soma Practitioners, Colour Care Consultants and Teachers.
At the end of the course a certificate of attandance will be issued. No pre-requisites required. - Internet Partner